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Conversation and Remote Monitoring Services

Connect through videoconferencing or by phone. With more than 25 years experience in the industry, our dedicated team at VISITA™ offers services while working to establish ongoing and long-lasting relationships with individuals and keeping them linked to society. Keep in contact with aging parents and elderly family members with ease with our senior services and remote monitoring.

User-Friendly Technology

Equally important, we offer user-friendly technology by making the private calls to you. We can assist you with videoconference account setup. All you have to do is simply answer the call..


Consistent Monitoring

This service is ideal for those homebound, living alone, independently, or in an assisted living facility, as it provides constant senior care monitoring, support, and chats with an interested and caring friend.

VISITA™ can provide the “peace of mind” that you need to care for your aging relatives.


Studies show that social isolation impacts the health and general well-being of older adults. Additionally, when detected early, future problems are avoided through prevention efforts. Enable friendly visits for yourself, a friend, or a relative by contacting us to subscribe to VISITA™, and learn more about our senior services.


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